Testimonials and Stories

Name: Kyla M. Jones
Hometown: Charles County, Maryland
Volunteer Role: REAL Kids Club Leader
Why I Volunteer: Volunteering at Harlem RBI was truly heaven sent! I've always known that I wanted dance and work with children, so to combine it with Zumba and bring it to the amazing children at Harlem RBI really confirmed my purpose. The children accepted me with open arms, love and appreciation and the staff was helpful and wanted to move to the music as well. It was an all around fantastic summer! What Harlem RBI is doing for their students, as well as the Harlem community as a whole is absolutely wonderful and such a necessity. No matter what other Zumba classes I teach, I will always remember and be thankful to the opportunity Harlem RBI gave to me! And anytime they need movement, music and fun - I will be there!



Name: Colleen Courtney
Hometown: Paoli, Indiana
Volunteer Role: TeamBuilders Tutor and Softball Coach
Why I Volunteer: I started volunteering in the South Bronx with another organization a few years ago to help supplement the science education curriculum. Then I found Harlem RBI and it provided a well rounded education and a support system for participants that went beyond just the curriculum. Now by volunteering with RBI I am able to be a coach, mentor, and tutor, which not only allows me to maximize what I can offer but offers me an immersing volunteer experience.



Name: Isidro Fortuna
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Volunteer Role: Baseball Coach
Why I Volunteer: I am a volunteer because I wanted to give back to my community and expose the players to the knowledge of playing baseball at the collegiate level. Besides giving back to the community, I would also like to provide the participants with the skills to take what they have or will learn on the baseball field and apply it to their personal and/or academic life.


 Coaching a team is incredibly rewarding and the most fun part of my summer every year. 

Christine Pride

Volunteer Coach

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