Millicent Soto was the winner of KPMG's National RBI for RBI Scholarship

I joined Harlem RBI because I had seen the fun, learning and intellectual experience that my cousin had and I wanted to have an experience of my own. Harlem RBI has changed me. They have encouraged me to reach my true potential and also become a better softball player and a well-rounded individual. I’ve learned that I am a stronger individual that I thought myself to be.  I have also learned that the skills to being a success in life all root in me. Harlem RBI has given me those tools and I greatly appreciate it.


Because of Harlem RBI I can go on to college with prior knowledge of the do’s and don’t’s, study and social skills. I have learned that college is hard but with commitment, determination and a little fun, it won’t overwhelm you. Also, that if you need help don’t be afraid to ask. I will be able to endure challenges with a different attitude to overcome them and do my best. If it were not for Harlem RBI I would be playing softball two months out of a year, be behind on my college process and very overwhelmed- not only with school but with life.


Harlem RBI is a place where I can be myself. It’s a place where I’ve met new life-long friends and gotten a new view on different things. I enjoy diversity and a new place that feels like home, and that is what Harlem RBI is to me.  I love the Harlem RBI staff. No matter the situation, they will try to help you the best they can, even if they have a different view on it. Be it a coach, a programmer or a manager, they always have open ears and suggest something in your best interest. It sounds cheesy, but Harlem RBI is one big family. A big group of children and teens with different personalities brought together by the love of a sport and an aspiration for something bigger and better for their future.


I would like to be a social worker or work for a non-profit organization. Harlem RBI is an element in my future because they evoke everything I’d like to accomplish in life. I want to help and support others, Harlem RBI does just that and they also incorporate playing softball/baseball which helps many people.


Before Harlem RBI, I was a shy, timid, dedicated individual with many opinions. Harlem RBI has helped me voice my opinions and given me tools to know what to do in a certain situation. Now I’m outgoing, dedicated and still very much opinionated, well rounded individual.


- Millicent Marie Soto


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